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Thursday, January 7, 2010

I want to throw up

I can watch 5 seconds of this ad, tops, before I want throw up. Seriously. I will give you a prize if you can watch the whole thing.

This is an incredibly successful campaign because it grosses me out beyond belief. Never ever ever drinking soda again! Ah!


  1. Thanks for that.

    Then orange juice it is..


  2. i watched the whole thing so what's my prize? i have been trying to drink more sparkling water lately. not that i drink soda often, but every once in awhile i'll have my cravings. sparkling water helps with that.

  3. Great add, what's my prize?
    I use to have an email that listed all the things non food that soda was used for like removing rust off of metal, cleaning blood/oil from traffic scenes. American Debtal Ass. also has a disease called Mountain Dew Mouth which is basically children's whoose emanel has rotten off their teeth due to soda.
    Great clip!

  4. I think that man is supposed to be "fat." Not sure...

    Also, OJ is not very good for you. Fruit is. Squeezing 12 oranges into one glass and drinking it like it's nothing? Not so good :(

  5. That made me laugh! :) I do love my Diet Sundrop, though!

  6. There you go, I watched the whole video. But I do want to puke, so not sure if it was worth it.