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I created this blog in 2009 when I began working at the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank. My work at this organization opened my eyes to food justice issues in America, and I had a strong desire to better understand the difficulties many people face when trying to access healthy food on a limited budget. So, I embarked on my own Food Stamp Challenge, living on $31/week as a vegan. I used this blog to chronicle my experience.

While my Food Stamp Challenge project has come to an end, you can see what I learned from it by reading the Greatest Hits posts linked to the right side of the page. Please excuse any out-of-date links, as I am no longer updating this blog on a regular basis.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Truck Farm

The Internet in my apartment is completely out of commission so I have not been able to post. I am working to get this technical glitch taken care of this weekend, and in the mean time I am researching for the Diabetic on $30/week scenario (which will start next week assuming my Internet is up and running). If anyone has any resources they recommend for creating a good Diabetic Meal Plan, please pass them along in the comments section.

For now, I want to share this quick video clip with you. I love this idea. If you don't have a roof to farm on, why not try the bed of an old pick up truck? Urban Farming at its most creative!

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